Vietnam Embassy in Stockholm

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The Vietnam nation was formed through a process of anthropological interference and the inter exchange of two major ancient cultures, the Chinese and the Indian. Thus a peculiar trait of Vietnam's culture was formed. As far as anthropology is concerned the Vietnamese people have their origin in the Mongoloid race, believed to be one of the major races of the world and often found in northern and eastern Asia.

At present there are 54 different ethnic minority groups inhabiting Vietnam. The Kinh people or (Viets) account for nearly 90 per cent of Vietnam's total population. Major ethnic minority groups include the Tay, Muong, Thai, H'mong,Dao and Khmer.

In the course of the history of national development, all these groups of people have been closely attached to on other in sharing the same tasks of fighting against foreign invaders, defending the country's territory. gaining the right to live and the right to national independence and self determination. Each group of ethnic people have developed their own language and cultural identify, thus making the Vietnamese culture, long known for its variety, a well blended combination of different cultures. The Viet language is recognised as a universal means of communication for all inhabitants of Vietnam.