Vietnam Embassy in Stockholm

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The open door policy and the broadening of co-operation and investment by the State has led to many improvements in the country's public health services. Nowadays all cities and towns have hospitals run by experienced medical workers. Meanwhile itinerant medical teams frequently visit out-lying villages and mountainous areas and give medical checks and treatments to the population.

Cholera, small pox, typhoid and other deadly epidemics have been virtually eliminated. Some contagious diseases such as tuberculosis, tetanus, polio, leprosy and malaria have been gradually eliminated . Many cases of kidney transplants and other complicated operations have been carried out successfully. Qualified medical personnel have been trained domestically, while a number of excellent profesors and doctors have been sent abroad to study world-wide advances in health care.

There has also been a corresponding resurgence in Vietnamese traditional medicine which is currently undergoing development. In Hanoi, there are two traditional medicine hospitals which provide oriental medical examinations and treatment to a great number of patients. Foreigners who work or study in Vietnam account for a considerable proportion of patients.

The Vietnam Traditional Medicine Institute  29 Nguyen Binh khiem, Ha Noi. 
Tel: +84 4 82 62 850 

The Acupuncture Institute

Thai Thinh road, Dong Da, Ha Noi 
Tel: +84 4 85 34 253, 85 34 275 

Acupuncture needles are successfully applied to treat headache, relieve pain in other parts of the body and treat paralysis caused by stroke. The institute has been achieving notable success through using these magic needles as a local anaesthetic in operations to the skull, stomach,...